Cycle Instruction Tailored to Your Ability And Goals

Whether you are aiming to ride confidently around the park, your local streets or venture into central London for work or leisure I offer training to to build your confidence, safety and knowledge with the additional benefits of fitness, contribution to cleaner air and free travel.

I provide cycling instruction to all levels of ability, beginners, intermediate, those who have not ridden a bike for ages and advanced riders who just want to find a good route into work.

I am guided by the National Standard of Cycling, and Bikability Levels 1 – 3 which provide clear outcomes in control skills, safe and confident riding on the road, but most importantly I am guided by your personal goals with your riding.

Book your training on the see contact page for 1:1s or in a small groups, for adults, children or family groups (please do contact me regarding current Covid-19 limitations )

Trainee’s feedback

“I’ve been cycling to and from work for a year now so can’t thank you enough…being able to commute around London by bike has made me so much happier” – Grace

“…your patience and training has really helped me to replace my old habits with new safer ones and I now also have a much better understanding of how to ride in different road situations…” Andy

” Hannah had a lovely way of engaging the children, they really enjoyed thier session and want to ride all the time now!” – Ellie

“.. I cycled home.. happily and confidently with my new skills. Thank you for your hard work and kind teaching…” – Ramona

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